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Responsable TourismResponsable Tourism



Some ideas about what should be the behavior of the traveler and the tour operator.

The economics of tourism should benefit local people through the use of hotels, guides, porters and other local businesses or products.

Our steps should be discrete or unalterable.

The rules and customs of many people encountered must be observed with respect. From one place to another one, decency may differ: we should understand that it is prohibited in some places to wear some kind of clothes, because they are too casual or too immodest. Good photos are possible with the complicity of the subject. Asking permission to film is polite.

The perception of time is not the same everywhere. Patience is one of the best guarantees for adaptation.

All forms of human dignity must be respected.

Prostitution can hide themselves in trivial aspects.

The value of gifts that we give them or receive them must be assessed according to local criteria to avoid serious errors of judgment. Values ​​too high can be a cause of destabilization of the local economy and social relations and intra family. Some gifts can have unfortunate consequences, such as medicines when they are distributed at random.

The exhibition of our equipment in the face of people who could live more than a year with the value of one of our cameras, can be very misunderstood.

Populations in need may be tempted to sell out sacred objects or traditional. To Respect these population, you should refuse this kind of transaction.

Consider the best solution to waste disposal, environmental awareness and protection, do not buy plants, protected animals or products that would be derived which are required to respect nature.

We realize each day that water is getting more and more precious. Travel behavior must be exemplary both to economize and to avoid polluting it.

Tourism is like language, capable of the best and the worst. This is for professionals and travelers to make an effective agent of sustainable development. The unwell behaved traveler is often misinformed.