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The CountryThe Country


From the north to the south of the country, You can choose to explore Hanoi, nestled below the level of the Red River that assails the city six months in a year, following the geomancer and ritual order of the royal buildings of many dynasties of Dai Viet.

You can also explore the Nord West Mountains. We particularly recommend you the Song Chay mountains, a natural fortress that hosts a mosaic of people who escape from famine and persecutions of the Middle Kingdom. Generations of farmers Hmong, Nung, Tay, Man Ta Pan Yao and others minority populations have sculted some terraces into the mountains. It is also one of the starting points of the famous Road Tea. Meeting with these people will be one of the highlight of your trip.

The land and sea Halong Bays on sea and on land and theirs fantastic sceneries, at the origin of thousand legends, will leave you with unforgettable memories.

You may also plan to visit what was known as the Annam Land that included Hue with Hue, the precious city of the Nguyen emperor along the Perfume River, and Hoi An, an old Cham Harbour that then became a Chinese counter cham before becoming a city museum after being silted.

In the West, in the forest of the Highlands, territories few decade ago of the tiger and the elephants, the locals seem to emerge from the Neolithic Period. They practice mountain agriculture (tea, strawberries ...).

Finally, in the subequatorial south , a cruise along the Mekong Delta, at few hours of the busy Saigon,  may allow you to discover the secrets of the arroyos and to get to the heart of maked up boat traffic.

We are also available, at your request, to include a break of few relaxing days on the sea side or to organize your special event (honeymoon, incentive or your thematic trip).