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From the chinese Border to the Mekong DeltaFrom the chinese Border to the Mekong Delta


engl20 days that include 4 trekking days, 3 homestay nights, 12 nights in hotel, 2 in right trains, 1 night onboard of a Halong Bay boat, 2 nights onboard of our Sampan on the Mekong Delta.

From the confines of Yunnan to the end of Ca Mau, Vietnam reveals a rare diversity in both its geography and its people for that are a major aspect of its cultural heritage and tourism. In 20 days on site, you can claim to have discovered this country in all its authentic variety.


Day 1: Hanoi

Your tour guide and your driver are welcoming you at your arrival at Noi Bai Airport.  

You are visiting today Hanoi in the geomancer and scheduling order of royal ritual rules, starting by the North West Lake, Quan Thanh Pagoda, the Tran Vu Temple, then the center with the One Pillar Pagoda, the Cot Co and the district of the embassies.

Then after the Temple of Literature in the South, you will conclude by Hoan Kiem Lake, the Temple of the Jade Mountain and District of the Thirty-six Corporations.  Accommodation: Hotel.

Day 2: Hanoi- Halong Bay

You are taking the way to the legendar Ha Long Bay. A cabin on a traditional Junk is awaiting you for a cruise along some of the 3000 islands of the Bay. Meals will be served on board. Accommodation: On board.

Day 3: Halong Bay - Hanoi

You will come back on the main land in the early afternoon to get back to Hanoi by road. Your hotel is in the city center, in its most picturesque. Accommodation: Hotel.


Day 4: Hanoi - Ha Giang

After a morning of driving, your trek will begin in your country Pathen. In the middle of a landscape of hills and villages of huts decorated with palm trees. Walk duration : 3 hours. Elevation: 300m. Accommodation: Homestay (Ma Ta Pan).

Day 5: Trekking

Valleys deeper and deeper, populated by Tay and Yao in long tunic are dominated by mountains whose summits are the domain of Hmong and Man Ta Pan. Walking duration: 4-5 hours. Elevation 400m. Accommodation: Homestay (Tay).

Day 6: Trekking

All these people, came at different times from China and Yunnan, have sculted the slopes of terraces surrounded of forests mingling ferns, rattans and orchids and tea plantations.

Number of walking hours: 4-5.Accommodation: Homestay (Yao long tunic).

07Day 7: Trekking - Pan Hou Village

We descend into the valley Lang Giang, the area of the Tay people. Your trek is ending with a final stop at Pan Hou village. You can enjoy the benefits of traditional baths that will be prepared with medicinal herbal forest plants by Ta Pan ladies. Number of walking hours: 5-6. Accommodation: Pan Hou eco-lodge.

Day 8: Pan Hou village - Ha Giang

Also in the high region, we leave for Ha Giang at midday by a beautiful mountain road. Accommodation: Hotel in Ha Giang.

Day 9: Ha Giang - Dong Van

Road to the borders of Yunnan Plateau in the North to visit the markets frequented by a wide variety of populations. Market Quyet Tien in Quan Ba.

Accommodation: Hotel in Dong Van

10Day 10: Dong Van - Ha Giang

These are the two of the most interesting markets of Vietnam for the number of minorities that you can meet. You are in the ancient Hmong Kingdom , but you may meet some other populations like the Lolos who are not less picturesque. Accommodation: Hotel in Ha Giang.

Day 11: Ha Giang - Hanoi

We will reach Hanoi through the Middle Region and the north of the Red River Delta. Accommodation: Hotel in Hanoi

Day 12: Hanoi - night train to Hue

It is a day of rest in the thirty six corporations district, with a visit of the Ethnographic Museum. Night train to Hue in the evening.

Day 13: Hue

13In Hue, you guide will offer you to choose between a visit by bicycles or by sampan on Perfume River. You will visit the city, Tu Duc Mausoleum and the Pagoda of the Heavenly Lady Old. Overnight at hotel.

Day 14: Hue - Hoi An

Visit the Royal City will occupy most of your morning and your car will take you to the south, with a stop at the Cham Museum in Da Nang, after crossing the Pass of the clouds. Overnight in Hoi An

Accommodation: Hotel in Hoi An

Day 15: Hoi An

The historic district of Hoi An is a Unesco World Heritage Site that has become a main touristic place in Vietnam. Accommodation: Hotel in Hoi An.

Day 16: Hoi An - Danang - Saigon

Flight to Saigon. Saigon offers the main advantage of being convenient and comfortable big city. Visit the French Quarter and the Chinese city of Cholon. Accommodation: Hotel in Saigon.

Days 17 and 18: Saigon - Mekong Delta

Road to the Delta and cruise. Road to the Mekong Delta. You will get onboard of our traditional sampan for a cruise with two nights. You are at the first seat to watch the choreography of paddlers and made up boats in the arroyos.

Accommodation: Our sampan, Tcharokaa

19Day 19: Mekong Delta - Saigon

End of the cruise in the late morning and return to Saigon. Accommodation: Hotel in Saigon.

Day 20: Saigon

This is the end of your trip. After a few walks around the city to get the old French Quarter, Post built by Eiffel and the great Chinese Cholon Market, it will be time to head to the airport for your return flight.

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